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Resolving Hospitality Pain Points

Long-lasting performance and quality, health and safety, and appearance are just a few areas in the hospitality and restaurant industry impacted by poor water quality and high-use environments. Inferior and subpar quality products not intended for this environment are often the sources of a building owner's and service contractor's avoidable pain points.

PVD can provide a lifetime of protection from daily cleaning, which adds durability and value to your product.

Plumbing has come a long way from the 1933 World's Fair outbreak in Chicago, where a faulty plumbing system leaked contaminated water, killing 100 people. However, unhealthy bacteria and viruses that cause illness are still being reported today in plumbing systems not properly designed to mitigate cross-contaminated water situations in potable water when they occur. Learn about the ICV Defender.

In addition, leaking valves can cause an exorbitant amount of unforeseen water damage leading to costly repairs and downtime, which reduces a building's overall efficiency and profitability. More and more building owners are looking for products that will perform optimally to constant use and abuse and still look as good as new as the day they were installed.

Many of McGuire's products were developed as solutions to address issues that facility and service contractors face daily. For example, the HD grid drain is coated with a special PVD finish (plasma vapor disposition) that stands up to harsh, abrasive cleaners. PVD can provide a lifetime of protection from daily cleaning, which adds durability and value to your product. Traditional electroplating of brass, nickel, and gold finishes requires a clear coat that degrade with time and can easily tarnish or corrode. PVD requires no clear topcoats that fade or dull. McGuire's HD grid drain is most often installed in the hospitality industry, where extraordinary appearance and cleanliness are highly important to building owners in efforts to be set apart from the competition.

When ADA is required, McGuire's ProWrap p-traps and drains deliver an antimicrobial PVC resin-based seamless insulator that is exceptional in preventing the growth of germs that result in mold, mildew stains, and odors. The clean glossy white finish keeps its luster way beyond installation day. For the plumbing contractors, the complete, all-inclusive system is a labor and time saver making it easy to stock and install. ProWrap Install Video

McGuire is the professional's choice for high-quality plumbing fixture trim in hotels and restaurants across the U.S. and Canada.

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