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What is included in a supply kit?

McGuire carries both lavatory and closet supply kits. There are four lines: The Convertible™Quarter-Turn Ball Valve, the Premiere Heavy Line, the Standard Line and the ICV Defender™ Integral Check Valve.

  • A lavatory kit includes:
    • two chrome-plated stop valves
    • (2) two chrome-plated flexible copper risers
    • (2) two chrome-plated flanges.
  • A closet kit includes:
    • one chrome-plated stop valve
    • (1) one chrome-plated flexible copper riser
    • (1) one chrome-plated flange.

Supplies can be ordered with a variety of options. Learn More.

What is a Convertible™ Ball Valve?

The McGuire Convertible ball valves are a quarter-turn brass ball. Using a standard Phillips screwdriver, it can be converted for use on both loose key and wheel handle applications.

What is the difference between ECO line and Classic McGuire?

Our ECO line products are packaged offshore. The series is made to the same standards as Classic McGuire.

What is the difference between a McGuire ProDrain® and the 155A P.O. Plug?

McGuire’s ProDrain is a patented heavy-cast brass grid drain for lavatories without overflows. It is designed to vent from the top.

What is included in the McGuire ProWrap® Kit?

All ProWrap insulator kit components for P-Traps, offset grid drains and continuous wastes are prewrapped with one pair of a supply, riser tube and wheel handle cover. Grid drains and supply kits requiring ProWrap are sold separately.

How do I return products purchased from McGuire Manufacturing?

A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) must be requested and obtained from the factory prior to any return of material. The merchandise must also be returned in the original cartons, listed in our current List Price Sheet and in a clean and sellable condition. Restocking fees may apply. Request Information.

Is there a minimum return policy?

Yes. Return requests less than $200 net will be charged a $50 processing fee in lieu of restocking charges. More Information

Is there a minimum order policy?

While there is no minimum order there is a minimum pricing multiplier. Orders totaling $400 or less list price are calculated with the list price multiplied by a .65 multiplier.

How is freight calculated?

McGuire will pay for freight charges on shipments within the continental United States when the order (pre-tax) totals more than $3,250 net. McGuire selects the method of shipment and carrier when we pay the freight.

How are expedited freight requests handled?

If your freight charges are over $50, McGuire requires the customer to acknowledge and approve the charges. In these instances, one of our customer service team members will contact you prior to the release of products from the factory.

How do I order Genuine McGuire Products?

McGuire has over 40 representatives across the nation who can assist you in ordering any of our products. Locate Your Representative.

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