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Over a century of combined experience: We deliver industry solutions every day

From our heavy-duty, coated grid drains, which last longer than other stocked chrome-plated drains, to our ADA-compliant seamless insulated ProWrap® P-Trap products — McGuire is the professional's choice for plumbing fixture trim.

Many of our products, just like the ones listed below, were developed as solutions to a customer's request.

  • ICV Defender® Patented integral check valve to protect from backflow and cross-contamination at the potable water source
  • SANIGUARD® Treated Products Inorganic anti-microbial product protection
  • ProWrap® ADA P-Trap, Drain, and Supply Covers in one labor-saving kit
  • Convertible™ Ball Valves all heavy brass quarter-turn stops and supplies in all connection styles
  • ProDrain® Patented fixture strainer less overflow
  • Vandal Trap™ Vandal Resistant P-Traps
  • HD Heavy Duty Finish Drains Unique high luster finish that cleans better and lasts longer

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Healthcare and Extended Living Facilities

Preventing water quality issues at the source before it becomes an issue is critical to the healthcare infrastructure.

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Hospitality and Restaurants

Long-lasting performance and quality, health and safety, and appearance are just a few areas in the hospitality and restaurant industry impacted by poor water quality and high-use environments.

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Airports, Transit Centers and Cruise Ships

Health and safety, environmental effects, regulatory compliance, and reputation are just a few reasons why water quality and plumbing reliability are important in the transportation industry.

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Education and Daycare Facilities

Children must have access to clean, safe drinking water to promote good health and hygiene practices, particularly hand washing to prevent the spread of infection.

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McGuire's superior products are synonymous with durability and long-lasting performance in commercial plumbing. We are dedicated to moving water in and out of places that matter.

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