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Closet SupplyIndustry term for toilet water supply products. Sold as each opposed to in pairs with lavatory supply kits.
DWV Drainage Waste Vents.
EPDMEthylene Propylene Dien Monomer used on washers to prevent degradation when the product is exposed to chlorine, chloramines and high water temperatures.
Female Pipes, valves, or fittings with internal threads.
Fixture Products which receive water at points of usage; i.e. sinks, toilets, tubs, etc.
IDInside diameter.
IPSIron pipe size.
Lavatory SupplyIndustry term for bathroom or washroom sink.
Male Pipes, valves, or fittings with external threads.
OD Outside diameter.
Pop-Up DrainRemote control drain assembly (most commonly used with lavatories and bathtubs).
Potable Water which is safe to drink.
Repair Trap  Special trap design which provides slip joint connections at both ends.
Slip Joint A telescoping means of connecting in which a gasket is compressed around the perimeter of the inside member.
StopA valve used to shut off water to a specific fitting, fixture or pipe line.
Stuffing BoxUsed for additional leak protection on stops.
Sweat ConnectionsTerm often used interchangeably with soldering.
TrapPlumbing fittings that are required under all plumbing fixtures; traps have a built in water level that prevents sewer gas from coming into the house. Toilets are the only fixtures that have their own built-in trap.
Vent Pipe that carries away sewer gasses and odors; also lets air into the line, letting the pipes drain.

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