Four Commercial Lines: Engineered for years of continuous use

McGuire offers four lines of commercial grade stop valves, all designed, engineered and manufactured for years of commercial continuous use. The compression nuts are precision machined from high-copper content brass bar stock. The thickness of the sides and top of the nuts are specially designed to virtually eliminate cracking during installation (requires professional commercial installation and maintenance.) Equally important are the peroxide cured ethylene propylene dien monomer (EPDM) washers often referred to as the “purple washers” that will not degrade when exposed to chlorine, chloramines and high water temperatures.

Classic Convertible™ Quarter-Turn Ball Valve...and introducing in 2018 the Convertible™ II

Both of McGuire's Classic and BVII series deliver a true-brass machined ball valve with a unique convertible handle providing both loose key or wheel handle, it’s both! The BVII series is engineered specifically for commercial multi-use residential projects with the performance of Classic Convertible™. McGuire is proud to announce this new BVII series which completes our stop valve product line and delivers our most comprehensive stop valves available on the market today. Check them out for your self. Request a Sample!

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Premiere Heavy Line

Traditional full turn compression set, heavy brass stem, heavy pattern stop and polished solid brass.

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Dual Outlets

Dual outlet stops provide independent connections to two appliances off a single stop. McGuire's commercial full turn, brass stem, polished solid brass are now available in IPS, sweat or compression x compression x compression.

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Standard Line

Traditional full turn compression set stem, solid brass stops with brass stems. 

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Manufactured to meet the most demanding mechanical tests, ASME A112.18.1-2/CSA B125.2, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA.) View CSA Information.

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